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"Like talking to an old friend." - Singer / songwriter Jann Arden

Why I Left Facebook



This post is about why I left Facebook.

I didn’t abandon the social networking site completely. I still maintain my official page, my show page, and the page for GGN, my digital magazine. But I deleted my Facebook timeline, where I had about 3,000 Facebook friends – people I know and many people I’ve never met – all of whom post their thoughts, ideas, feelings, images, videos, and private message.



An Oprah Circle: DeVon Franklin, Paolo Presta & Win Gabrielle Bernstein



This weekend on The Shaun Proulx Show I’ve been fortunate enough to welcome three incredible guests: Gabrielle Bernstein, Gayle King and DeVon Franklin, and a Twitter party has allowed listeners to share their thoughts and ideas as these chats air.

To say thanks to everyone listening and tweeting – especially you super-supportive OWN Ambassadors! – here are some special treats:

  • my interview with huge Oprah show fan favourite Paolo Presta (you’ll recall Oprah helped Paolo get a part on Will & Grace)
  • a re-post of my 2013 interview with DeVon about his book, Produced By Faith
  • a chance to win a copy of Produced By Faith
  • and a chance to win a copy of Gabrielle’s latest book, Miracles Now

It’s all waiting for you below! I appreciate everyone more than words can convey.

- Shaun X



The Truth About Courage (Courage Isn’t What You Think!)


Last week my friend Erin Trafford, a news anchor on Global Television in Halifax, gave me a shout out in her fun DIY blog for my courage. It was a flattering surprise and I appreciate it.

My understanding of courage (as a person who has been called courageous over the years, be it for my recent HIV-disclosure, or quitting my lucrative job in finance so long ago, or just always going for my dreams and goals) contradicts the false premise within many people’s understanding of what courage really is.

Most seem to pay the courage compliment with a sense of, “wow, you’ve got something I wish I had.”

I have even been asked “where” I got my courage from. says courage is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear”.

This definition of courage isn’t true for me. Courage is not something you own, that you tap into, or access. It isn’t something you are born with.

And it certainly comes with fear.