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Shaun Proulx is one of the most versatile talents in media and entertainment today.

He has credits as a television personality and host, producer, talk radio host, motivational speaker, columnist, author, publisher, actor, live event host, spokesperson, life coach, and activist for the issues of mental health, animal rights, and HIV stigma.

A top-of-mind go-to for premium brands and global organizations, Shaun has been spokesperson, endorsed and appeared in numerous campaigns including Mercedes-Benz, Tre-Stella, Visit Britain, New You Cryotherapy, and Iceberg Vodka.

A high school dropout with no formal training, Shaun credits his broad success to living well and by his own rules and is therefore passionate about leading a #ThoughtRevolution about the limiting ideas we as individuals and as a society buy into, and busting through the false premises those ideas teach and imbue within us.

For several years Shaun authored the popular weekly spirituality column, Spirit & The City (PostMedia); his writing has also appeared in the Canadian national newspapers, The Globe & Mail and The Sun. He life wisdom can be found in the best-selling Simple Reminders, (83-week bestseller) and he has made come true a top personal and professional dream: in 2015 Oprah Winfrey joined Shaun for a twenty-minute conversation about the power of a first step – it was an chance for Shaun to thank Oprah for the powerful impact she has made in his life.

In New York City in 2016, Shaun gave a moving #ThoughtRevoltution speak at The Men & Masculinities Conference, an event whose participants included Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinhem and Sally Field.

Most recently Shaun gave a well-received speak called “The Greatest Connection We Can Ever Make” about the relationship between you and You as the “inspirational” speaker at the Global Summit for the CGLCC* for their Unstoppable speaker series, whose theme was “The Power Of Connection.”
Appropriate for these Covid times, Shaun addressed the hundreds in attendance from his home – his talk can be viewed here:

Image: Alex Browne / PRODUCT magazine

He continues to speak and host across North America, appearing at the Olympian Martha Henderson’s Rising Tides speaker series, and emcee-ing as well as delivering a 45-minute speak at the 2018 Money, Mindset & Marketing conference in Ottawa, Ontario. The conference theme was about the story we tell ourselves – a perfect dovetailing with Shaun’s message that we all create the lives we lead by the story we tell ourselves.

Shaun Proulx was a featured guest speaker for the VIP attendees at Money, Mindset and Marketing and he was a huge hit.  He is down to earth, relatable, funny, and drops truth bombs that stayed with the audience with the ease of a true professional.  If you’re looking for someone to challenge the status quo, who is completely comfortable being themselves in front of a large audience, and can bring tremendous value, I can’t recommend Shaun enough.  He is a class act.” – Lisa Larter, Producer & Host, Money, Mindset & Marketing

Most recently it was Shaun who, alongside his SiriusXM colleague Arlene Bynon, broke one of the key stories in the tragic Bruce McArthur saga, with their exclusive interview with Sean Cribbin, who narrowly escaped death at the hands of the convicted serial killer in Toronto. A portion of it aired nationally on Global Television and Chorus Radio networks in February, 2018.

Called “a visionary entrepreneur” by The Toronto Star (2012) and “Canada’s gay Oprah” by The Huffington Post (2014) Shaun is the poster boy for creating success by your own design.

Having failed grade ten math (before eventually dropping out of high school altogether before graduating,) Shaun has let life be his teacher, with impressive results. He spent eight years in finance, enjoying a six-figure income before age 30, at which point he realized that he wasn’t passionate about what he was doing with his time or his life.

With no set game-plan, Shaun boldly quit the safety of his established career. Armed with a heavy skill-set gleaned from his experiences in finance – including marketing, sales, people-management, business development, and what was termed on CBC’s Connect With Mark Kelly as “sheer talent and moxie” – Shaun ignored the naysayers, determined to explore his writing and performance ambitions and create a life of authentic bliss on his own terms.

Now an in-demand keynote speaker and coach, Shaun frequently shares his story and message to empower audiences at events ranging from multi-national corporate conferences to university lectures to private coaching, inspiring others to create their own #ThoughtRevolution about the true meaning of success, the real power of positivity, and how anyone can live without limits or regrets.

His continuing provocative and honest writing and videos on subjects ranging from drug use to happiness have appeared in popular national publications in Canada and the U.S, and here on Able to nimbly transition from medium to medium, Shaun regularly provides commentary for Canadian and American media outlets / programs ranging from SUN News Channel to CNN to eTalk.

In late September, 2013, during a live interview with the CBC’s Matt Galloway that moved and inspired countless people, Shaun publicly disclosed that he was diagnosed HIV-positive in 2005. In that interview Shaun touched listeners worldwide with a revolutionary declaration that can be watched in full here.

Shaun hosts the glittery, thoughtful, weekly SiriusXM talk show, The Shaun Proulx Show, on CanadaTalks channel 167, a hotbed of ideas, thoughtful discussion, transformational entertainment, cheeky commentary and a magnet for celebrities and thought leaders including Bo Derek, Gayle King, Jann Arden, Betty DeGeneres, Tony Robbins, Melissa Etheridge, Rosie Perez, Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Panache Desai, and more.

His same-titled TV interview show aired for two seasons across Canada and the U.S. and saw Shaun in conversation with a host of stars, including Betty White, Liza Minnelli, Lady Gaga, Rosie O’Donnell, and Cindy Lauper. His foray into documentary film-making for Global TV saw him co-produce & co-write the award-winning DecAIDS: 20 Years of Fashion Cares.

Shaun is the publisher of everyone’s gay guide to the good life,, Canada’s #1 LGBT digital magazine since 2002, and has appeared on stage as a lead in the Canadian premiere of Paul Rudnick’s The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told, and on screen in Die Mutter, which premiered in 2002 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Shaun sits on the Board of Directors of Realize Canada. He lives in Toronto with his Cocker Spaniel, Ella, who has him wrapped around her paw. She was a Humane Society rescue at age six months, but Shaun knows it’s her who rescued him.

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